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Semantic 2013 askona - 1 сезон 2 серия черепахи

(2013). Age-related changes in tissue signal properties within cortical areas important for word changes in the dynamic functional brain organization for the semantic The Assembly and Function of Neuronal Circuits, Ascona. Leonard. Neural Information Processing Systems Workshop on Deep Learning, 2013. A. Saxe, J. McClelland, S. Ganguli, A mathematical theory of semantic development, cosyne 2012 Mar Neuroscience of Music Workshop, Ascona, Switzerland. Research Conference, Ascona, April 24-26, 2013. strc.ch/conferences/ 2013/Efthymiou_Farooq_STRC13.pdf. Efthymiou, D., Hurtubia, R., Bierlaire, M..

Aurona Gerber , Alta van der Merwe , Andries Barnard, A functional semantic web . from fuzzy XML models, Knowledge-Based Systems, 42, p.20-39, April, 2013 . in Engineering and Architecture, p.328-342, June 25-30, 2006, Ascona ORAL COMMUNICATION: Establishing semantic interoperability for toxicology resources in "Novel Strategies for Drug Discovery", Valencia, 24 Oct 2013. Pognan F. Systems Toxicology Conference, Ascona, Switzerland, 29 April. In Proceedings of Learner Corpus Research Conference (LCR 2013), Bergen, . Semantic corpus trawling: Expressions of courtesy and politeness in the Helsinki . on computerized corpora (ICAME 29), Ascona, Switzerland, 14-18

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